1 HEDA PET HOUSES was born in 1992 with the combination of experience and knowledge, quality craftsmanship and original designs. In this context, in the light of HARMONY, INNOVATION AND QUALITY Principles, it has taken its first step by participating in PETZOO 2019 and 2021 "International Pet Fair" from Cafe decoration and cooling systems sector to PET furniture decoration sector in 2019 and has become a brand that has gained the appreciation of the valuable Turkish people.

Our mission is to inspire the global pet industry with innovative and needed products that make our pets' lives comfortable, offer a new future, and contribute to their psychological well-being.

For Happy children and Happy babies…



The aim of our goals is to be an innovative company, a brand that is admired and loved by our products.

That's why we present our efforts, efforts and original designs to humanity first and then to our lovely friends, children and babies.

With the passion for innovation and top quality production, we will continue to work non-stop in line with the world's PET needs.

We continue to work on smart digital houses, multiple villas and a great need that has not been produced in the world. We look forward to introducing these products to you.

1 HEDA PET HOUSES brand employees welcome innovations and new challenges and will always work with the same feeling.


 Together with love


                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Yavuz DEMİR

                                                                                 1 HEDA PET HOUSES                                                                                        Founder and designer